Hiatal Hernia Pain

Hiatal Hernia Pain
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Life can be miserable for people who are suffering from hiatal hernia that is characterized by back pain. This might start as a very little thing that might later on become an attack. There are also some cases when this wracking pain occurs without a discernible trigger. It is therefore significant to understand hiatal hernia that has back pain so as to detect it at an early stage and seek relevant medical attention.

There are different causes of hiatal hernia that comes along with back pain. Some of these causes might even be unique basing on the individual. Some of these cases might be as a result of injury when lifting heavy objects, when you get a blow to the abdomen or something totally insignificant like poor posture or tight clothes. The most common cause of hiatal hernia that is accompanied by back pain is lifting heavy objects in the wrong way. This happens because the one does not breathe out when lifting the object. This then makes the abdomen to push into the esophagus.
Hiatal Hernia Pain

Back pain hiatal hernia is a serious disease that can cause more pain as well as bothersome complications like Gastroesophageal Reflux. This is when the hernia pushes lower esophagus sphincter from its place. When one is suffering from hiatal hernia, the sphincter moves above the diaphragm leading to a reduced amount of pressure on the valve. This also leads to the sphincter muscle remaining open even when ingesting and causes acids in the stomach to rise to the esophagus.

Types of Hiatal Hernia
There are three known types of this condition. These are :-

  • 1) Sliding hiatal hernia
  • 2) Fixed hiatal hernia
  • 3) Complicated hiatal hernia

Sliding hiatal hernia is the most common of all the three types and it comes about when the stomachs herniated section moves from the chest. However, it has to be noted that this condition might not turn to hiatal hernia that is accompanied with back pain and that the person with this condition might not even become aware of the existence of hernia.
In the case of fixed hiatal hernia, the stomach’s upper section is trapped in the chest. This is a serious condition, though the patient might not even be aware of its presence. If left untreated, it is bound to cause lots of problems related to the esophagus.

Complicated hiatal hernia is with no doubt serious than the others. This is also known as hiatal hernia with back pain. In cases that are more severe, the whole abdomen might move to the chest resulting to more complicated situations that might require surgery.

It is advised that you visit a health care center or your doctor in most cases if you suspect any signs of hiatal hernia with back pain. This also means that you need to be aware of the causes and symptoms of this condition to easily detect it and seek medical attention. Worth noting is the fact that you can be able to get a lot of help online.