Inguinal Hernia

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There are many kinds of diseases in the world. Some of these diseases are common while others are not. Inguinal hernia is a disease that is not so common, though there are people who might be suffering from it without knowing. Inguinal hernia occurs mainly in men (males) approximately some two months prior to birth. This happens in a way that the testicles move down to the scrotum via a gap that is in the groin. This is then followed by spermatic tubes that later on are used in conveying sperm to the penis from the testicles. This gap is in most cases tightly closed and edgy, relaxing enough to ensure sperm squeeze through. When the gap becomes weak from within it causes inguinal hernia.

Inguinal hernia is caused by various superficial factors like pulling something, lifting heavy weight, over exaggeration in sports and so on. However, the actual strain develops for a long and if you happen to read this before you develop it, then you can b able to avoid inguinal hernia.

Inguinal Canal
This is the gap that is aforementioned. It is about 4cm long and is used to pass sperms from testicles to the urethra canal where it mixes with some fluids to ensure that it swims strongly. When the sperms pass through it, it relaxes by some mm of width which are enough to allow it to pass, and also leave it to relax again. This gap can be strained by lifting or coughing which lead to a bulge.
Inguinal Canal

Transverse Abdominal Muscles
When you are suffering from inguinal hernia, its cure will be based on these muscles as well as the ligaments though it cannot be successful if the tent ropes anchors have not been secured firmly. It is easy to secure the three outer layers of these muscles as a way of treating it.

Intestinal Transit Time
Reducing the downward pressure of your abdomen as well as its contents is important. This is attested to the fact that if this pressure is left unattended, it will derail the healing as well as the strengthening process of inguinal hernia.

There are many ways in which the download pressure can be reduced and they can be handled by a qualified doctor. There are some factors that reduce the time of intestinal transit time. Some of these factors are :-

  • Overeating
  • Food choices like white bread, cheese, beef and so on. These foods are sticky and reduce peristalsis.
  • Poor intestinal tone
  • Toilet training during childhood that might cause extreme anal sphincter control
  • Bad bowel habits (this entails waiting for long until the pressure is high and irresistible prior to gong to the toilet)

There are many kinds of inguinal hernia in the modern world. Some of known types are direct inguinal hernia and indirect inguinal hernia. It is important that you understand the various kinds of inguinal hernia to detect any early signs. It is also advised to seek medical attention more often for examination and detection of any type of inguinal hernia.